Embedded with smart chip that “Understands You”,
LinkcuBe syncs and interacts with Android phones,
bringing you incredible experiences!
Venus Goddess of Love (for Female) The beautiful dual-pulse vibrator! Her fashionable and charismatic design appeal to your fantasies in multiple ways. The jewel-like appearance, silky & tender touch, smooth ergonomic curves, and powerful dual motors all combine together to deliver incredible pleasures!
Total Length: 18cm
Max Length in Body: 11cm
Shaft Diameter: 3cm
The Smart Modes
Syncs with Smart Phones, Transcends Pleasure
LinkcuBe can sync with smart phones to enable unique smart modes! Simply download APP software and enjoy the incredible journey with the touch of your fingers!

Please note that LinkcuBe only supports Android phones at the moment; iOS version will be released soon.
Smart Mode 1
Different Positions Different Pulsations
7 distinct vibration patterns, just as different body positions, wake up every inch of your body.
Smart Mode 2
Shake Your Phone
LinkcuBe senses every motion of the phone. One shake, one vibe.

Shake to deliver your love?
Or enjoy the bump along the road?
Smart Mode 3
Sound Control
Any sound from your phone is transformed into vibrations.
Phone calls can be translated into vibe!
So can music and videos (4D~)!
Also support microphone, WhatsApp, Skype, video calls!
Smart Mode 4
Remote Interaction
Long distance relationship?
No more pain!

Lovers can interact with each other’s LinkcuBe toys via internet. I can control yours and you can control mine. It happens simultaneously, regardless of how far apart physically you are!
Classic Functions
Not Connected to Phones? You Can Still Enjoy!
LinkcuBe has all the classic features of traditional erotic toys when not connected to smart phones. It brings 7 wonderful vibration modes!
An Even Brighter Future
LinkcuBe will continuously release new smart modes that are free to download.
One purchase and infinite future pleasures!